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George Beetchenow

Moxee (West Valley), Eisenhower HS, AC Davis HS
Hall of Fame Class of 2012

George Beetchenow coached track and field at Moxee High School (now East Valley High School), Eisenhower High School and A.C. Davis High School. To a man, the athletes that George Beetchenow coached during his track and field career would tell you that he made them think deeply and made them a better person during their time spent with him. His accomplishments are many but he is a coach who seeks no accolades. He measures the mark he’s left behind with the simple fact that one of his former athletes he coached fifty-four years ago at Moxee High School remembered his 93 birthday on last year—a simple gesture that speaks volumes as to the impact that he has had on the lives of the young men he coached.

George coached the first 60 foot shot putter in state history – Bill Buchanan at Moxee High School in 1957. He coached the first high school state champion in the decathlon – Mike Clark at Moxee High School in 1958. In 1976, he achieved the coaching mark of having four throwers over 50 feet at Davis High School, a rare accomplishment few schools have achieved since. To gauge how much of an impact he has had on the sport in the Yakima Valley, all you have to do is look at his former athletes that he coached who still hold school records at various schools in the Yakima Valley more than thirty years after his retirement.

  • Bill Buchanan – Moxee High School – Shot Put 1957
  • Mike Garrison – Eisenhower High School – Discus 1975
  • Dan Oaks – A.C. Davis High School – Discus 1980
  • Randy Beetchenow – Carroll High School – Shot Put 1983

More than recognizing his coaching accomplishments, Coach Beetchenow would be more comfortable sharing his recognition with all his former athletes.