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Mike Hanby


Steilacoom HS
Hall of Fame Class of 2013

Mike Hanby served as a coach of distinction at Steilacoom High School from 1983 through 2002. As a high school coach, he set personal and professional goals that provided remarkable instruction and training to student athletes. He proved himself to be a respected leader by working with individual athletes to improve their performance and guide them in achieving their own goals. As a teacher, he cooperated with administrative goals and directions, participated in numerous professional development opportunities and made a complete commitment to working with the students at Steilacoom High School. Coach Hanby established himself as a “do-er” by initiating and building the Steilacoom High School Boys and Girls Track and Field teams from the ground up. His commitment to building a successful program resulted in a level of success that few high schools in Washington State have ever experienced. As a result of his endeavors, Coach Hanby was the chief catalyst in the remarkable success experienced during his tenure as head coach. Under his guidance, Steilacoom High School won twenty-five boys and girls league championships, twenty-five Boys and Girls district championships. Coach Hanby’s teams won seventeen state trophies, with seven of those teams winning state titles. During his time as head coach, Steilacoom athletes won a total of fifty-six individual state championships, including twenty-seven relays. Those that worked with him respected him for his pursuit of excellence, especially under the pressures and stress of an ambitious schedule. During his time as Steilacoom’s head coach, he showed himself to be very dependable, organized and highly responsive regarding his responsibilities. Coach Hanby strived to reach the highest level of performance through determination, dedication and hard work. He played an important role in the lives of the athletes on his track and field teams.