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Hall of Fame Selection Process

The Hall of Fame process include three basic parts:

Once the WSTFCA Hall of Fame Director receives an official nomination, the coach being nominated is put on the master list of nominees. There is no time limit as to how long a nominee can remain on the nomination list. However, the WSTFCA Executive Board has the authority to vote for the removal of a coach who is not selected after five years. Any coach that is removed may have another nomination resubmitted. To nominate a coach, complete the nomination form.

Using the master list of nominees, the WSTFCA Executive Board votes on the coaches who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame Director facilitates the selection process. Once a coach has been selected, he/she is contacted by the WSTFCA President and Hall of Fame Director.

There are two methods of presentation for Hall of Fame inductees:
-Awards Luncheon at the annual WSTFCA Convention
-Recognition at one of the state meets

The main presentation that is controlled by the WSTFCA is the Awards Luncheon held during the WSTFCA Convention. Inductees are treated to a sit down, buffet lunch and are joined by the various coaches from around the state who are attending the convention. The Hall of Fame Inductees are the main attention of the awards presented during the luncheon. Inductees are encouraged to invite family and friends, former athletes, teaching colleagues, or anyone that they would like to share their induction with at the luncheon.

The presentation that the WSTFCA does not control is the recognition at the state meet. When possible, the WSTFCA in conjunction with the WIAA Executive Staff will attempt to put the biographical information of the inductee in the state meet program. They also work with the state meet director to create some kind of recognition during the state meet that best fits the Hall of Fame inductee (depending on the classification that the inductee spent most of his/her coaching career).